Welcome to the Denman Junior High Library!

Our school library is open from 7:20 am to 4:00 pm each day. Mrs. Melissa Moak is our librarian. Students come to library from their Social Studies class and before school from the auditorium. Students can check out two books at a time and keep them for two weeks. After two weeks, if books have not been returned or renewed, they are considered overdue. Books can be renewed in the library for a total loan period of four weeks. Fines are not charged for overdue books, but additional items cannot be checked out to any student with excessive overdue books until overdues are returned.
Please let Mrs. Moak know if library books are damaged because minor damage can often be repaired at no cost. If any books are damaged beyond repair or lost, a fine will be assessed for the replacement cost of the item.


Meet the Tiger Techs

This year's Tiger Techs are: Xavier Holmes, Pearla Downs, Michaelia Nunnery, Laronica Jenkins, Lania Bates, LaChassity Jackson, Keshtin Smith, Kalvanna Pittman, Hannah Boyanton, Dushaun Arrington, Amiracle McArthur,  and Aliyah Griffin. Tiger Techs work in the library and the office and sometimes in teachers' rooms. In the library, they help in ways like: reshelving, processing, displaying, inventorying, and cataloging books. In the office, they help with tasks like: filing, delivering messages, running errands, making copies, distributing materials, collecting materials. They help teachers in ways like: making copies, doing displays, and using equipment. Other jobs they have are: taking photos, stocking the drink machine, decorating bulletin boards, cleaning/organizing, delivering. As you can see, the students participating in this program will be busy little bees this year, so if you see them around school, be sure to tell them what a great job they are doing!
If you are interested in being a Tiger Tech, fill out an application in March. To qualify, you must have good grades, an excellent behavior record, and three teacher recommendations. Tiger Techs must also be responsible, eagter to learn new skills, of good character, and most of all, have a good attitude and work ethic!